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5511 US-280 Ste 124
Birmingham, AL 35242
Phone: (205) 980-2005
Fax: (205) 980-6889
Monday and Wednesday: 9am-5pm
Closed for lunch 12pm-1:20pm
Friday: By Appointment Only

4109 Cogswell Ave.
Pell City, AL 35125
Phone: (205) 814-1234 
Fax: (205) 814-1235 
Tuesday and Thursday: 9am-5pm 
Closed for lunch 12pm-1:20pm 
Friday: By Appointment Only 


What Is Podiatry?

The practice of podiatry includes, but is not limited to, treatment of foot deformities, foot pain, warts, nail problems, and foot injuries. Podiatrists can write prescriptions,order durable medical equipment, provide medical equipment, order physical therapy and provide surgery for a number of foot problems, like ingrown nails, hammertoes, bunions and bone spurs, foot fractures, and soft tissue problems. A podiatrist practicing in the United States is a graduate of a four-year podiatric medical school, which confers the Doctorate of Podiatric Medicine. Most podiatrists have had post-graduate training, usually a two-year podiatric residency. Some podiatrists even go on to fellowship training in surgery or diabetic foot care.


Ask about the new shoeline that we offer! These unique shoes and sandals adjust to fit your lifestyle and needs. The insert in the shoe is removabale so that you can place the shoe insert of your choosing in it. This company also offers an extendable strap to make the shoe wider and accomodate swelling. If you are interested in this product, please give our office a call and ask for Kaiti or swing by the office and try on a pair!  





Clearanail is an exciting new product for treating nail fungus. It is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP), which makes tiny holes in the nail plate. The holes allow topical treatments to painlessly reach the nail bed in much higher concentration levels than otherwise possible. Results are usually visible in 2-8 weeks.




home1.JPGAre you hiding your toenails?

keryflex.jpgAre your nails thick and discolored? Want an alternative to medication or

painful procedures to treat nail fungus?

Laser treatment is for you and it's here at Cahaba Podiatry!

The FDA has approved the use of lasers in the battle against fungal nails. Lasers have been found to be safe and effective in the treatment of this disease.

Call Cahaba Podiatry at (205) 980-2005  to make your appointment!
5511 US-280 Ste 124
Birmingham, AL 35242 

Call Pell City Podiatry at (205) 814-1234 to make your appointment!
4109 Cogswell Ave.
Pell City, AL 35125 




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Contact us today to learn how our experienced podiatry professionals can help.

5511 US-280 Ste 124 Birmingham, AL 35242






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